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Classes & Cooking Parties


It has been a strange year and I cannot say when Supper Clubs or Cooking Classes will resume in person again. If anyone is interested in a group ZOOM cooking class, shoot me a message. 

Why I Do What I Do

The seasons beg us to gather with friends and neighbors around the kitchen island, our dining room table, or around a fire in your backyard. However fancy or casual your gathering, it really doesn't matter. The simple act of opening your home and inviting others to come and make real connections is the real good stuff of life.


Private Group Classes

If you are looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate a special occasion, let's talk about a cooking party held in your home or mine. Think of this gathering as a combination of a cooking show and a dinner party rolled into one. 


We work together to customize a menu with an emphasis on fresh ingredients, creativity, and having fun in the kitchen. Your friends will expand their culinary know-how, all while drinking wine and then feasting on our creations. Let's discuss a time that fits your schedule, contact me for details.



Supper Clubs


Supper Clubs are small cooking classes typically held once per month in my home. You are invited into my kitchen where I demonstrate a few of our family's favorite recipes. Pull up a chair, and let's eat family style, relishing good food and laughs together. 


This is the beat of my heart; this is hospitality at its core - to offer you grace and nourishment
because at my house they go hand in hand.  


In this hurried season of life where everything, and I mean everything is about your family and your kids, take a moment and give yourself this evening. You can even use the restroom by yourself.


Arrivals at 6:00 PM | Dinner at 8:00 PM

No events at the moment
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