Chicken Piccata

Pan-fried chicken breasts are topped with a creamy lemon-butter sauce spiked with briny capers, all set atop egg noodles in this easy and impressive Chicken Piccata dinner. While it is not a hard recipe to make, pan frying the chicken can take some time (3-5 minutes per side to be exact). It is because of this one factor I am hesitant to label this recipe as a weeknight dinner although it is borderline. There are definitely shortcuts that would help speed up the prep like buying thin chicken cutlets, which would save you the time it takes to place individual chicken breasts into a zip top bag and pounding thin. I use a high sided Dutch oven to fry the chicken so that I can save my stove top and counter from grease splatter. I also use a splatter screen set on top of my Dutch oven to help keep the grease from spitting out. Japanese panko breadcrumbs form a coating on the chicken that becomes shatteringly crisp but still light and tender, not dense and tough. The pan sauce whips up quickly after frying, so the cutlets don't have to wait long. I recommend using good white wine and good butter to whisk into a sauce, this makes a big difference in my opinion.


1 cup all-purpose flour

2 eggs, beaten