Chicken Stew with Peppers and Capers

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

How many more ways can we dress up a boring boneless, skinless, chicken breast? Harper would say "one-million-zillion" and she would be correct. I liked the flavor profile from Giada's Roman-Style Chicken that I discovered on Food Network. When I recreated this for my family, I adapted a few ingredients to suit my cooking style which is why I renamed it Chicken Stew with Peppers and Capers.

The chicken is first browned in olive oil and then set aside before strips of yellow and red bell peppers are sauteed with chopped prosciutto. The fond that forms on the bottom of the pan creates the most flavorful sauce when I lift it using Chardonnay. Garlic, fresh thyme, and a can of roasted diced tomatoes are three powerhouse ingredients that infuse so much flavor into this chicken as they get nuzzled back in and finish cooking through. My favorite part comes at the very end when a few tablespoons of capers and their briny juice are added before serving.

Selecting chicken

Although the chicken pieces will be your personal choice, it would be more flavorsome to forgo the usual skinless and boneless chicken breast, and instead use skin-on, bone-in pieces such as four legs and four drumsticks.

I used three very fat boneless, skinless, chicken breasts which was about the capacity of the saute pan I selected. If I had chosen my large Dutch Oven, I could have fit 4-5 chicken breasts in there. The recipe certainly makes enough sauce to divide among five plates.