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Chocolate Cherry Cake

If you think you don't have time to make a dessert for a gathering this weekend, think again. This Chocolate Cherry Cake is so decadent and simple to pull together, you only need three ingredients. The best part is that this dessert is made in a slow cooker, which frees up your oven for other things.


2 21-ounce cans cherry pie filling (I recommend Lucky Leaf)

1 box of chocolate cake mix (I look for Devils Food Cake mix, any brand)

1 stick of butter

Optional: 1 cup of walnuts

Add the cans of cherry pie filling to the slow cooker first. Then layer the cake mix next. Do not mix, we are merely dumping and moving on. Cut the butter into slices and place those on top. If you are adding in nuts, add them last.

Set the slow cooker to low for three hours.

After the second hour, you should really start to smell the deep chocolate from the slow cooker.

After three hours, the cake will look cooked on top with a gooey bottom cherry layer.

Do not fret, there is not a pretty way to serve this cake. Set out a large serving spoon and scoop onto plates or bowls. I am making this for a family dinner on Sunday and plan to serve it alongside vanilla ice cream and homemade whipped cream.

In all transparency, I do not like fruit in my dessert. I know this belief is controversial, and I appreciate the friends who stuck around after learning this about me. This dessert is no exception. I make it for Jim because he absolutely loves chocolate and cherries. If you have someone in your life who loves cherries, then I highly recommend you give this slow cooker dessert a try.

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Hugo Kramer
Hugo Kramer
Jul 04, 2022

Thank yoou for this

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