Cuban Pulled Pork

Everyone needs a good pulled pork recipe, and this is my all time favorite. I have tried countless pulled pork recipes and keep coming back to this one for it's Cuban style marinade. "Mojo" is a garlic-citrus concoction perfect for fish, chicken, and of course, pork. This magic marinade adds a Caribbean zest to whatever you put it on.

This Cuban Pulled Pork recipe is different from the shredded pork and BBQ pork recipes also on this website!

  • Mexican Pork Tostadas has the flavors of Mexico City, cooked in a slow cooker and mashed into tiny pieces with a pastry cutter.

  • Hawaiian BBQ Slider has Polynesian flavors and is served up on sweet Hawaiian rolls with slaw and picked red onions.

Buying pork

Do not get confused at the grocery store, Pork Shoulder is the same as Pork Butt and Boston blade roast or Boston- style butt. Some recipes call this