Flank Steak with Garlic-Anchovy Butter

I am so happy to share these simple solutions to successfully cooking a flank steak for dinner. When I sear flank steak on the stove the long muscle fibers make the steak buckle, and I have a hard time getting an even sear, so I cook it in the oven at a low temperature until it reaches an internal temperature of 120 degrees. This method produces a juicy, well-browned flank steak that is cooked to medium throughout.

To get that beautiful sear on the outside, I heat canola oil in a skillet until it is almost smoking and then sear the steaks to develop the most desirable crust.

My most favorite way to add flavor to a hot steak is by adding a compound butter. As it melts, it becomes sauce-like, adding extra richness and a touch of elegance to simple seared steaks.

Compound Butter Recipe #1

3 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened

1 teaspoon red wine vinegar