Hot Bean Dip

Can we have a moment of solitude for parents? While not always looking fabulous doing it, I juggle a full-time job and show up for my kids when they need me. Whether you are a stay at home mom or work from home mom or work out of the house mom, it's a balancing act that all moms manage. It's hard, and I cut it close today as the clock ticked down to Bryce's holiday party.

I know I can't volunteer for every class event for both kids, so I pick and chose the important ones. Christmas is an important holiday in our home, so I gladly signed up to bring juice to Bryce's classroom today.

The only problem was that juice wasn't even an item on the sign up list. The teacher gave me a strange look as I plopped 24 juice boxes down on her desk and I knew I had screwed something up.

Chip and dip were what I signed up to bring today. What was I thinking? What kind of dip does a four-year-old eat?

Warm bean dip was the answer to all my problems today. It is almost too simple of a recipe to even post, but the fact that two moms and a teacher all asked me for the "recipe" prompts me to write it down and share.