Old Fashioned Meatloaf

Before we were married, Jim lived in Houston and had a co-worker named Mike who’s wife would make meatloaf once a week. The day after meatloaf night, Mike’s sweet wife would send two meatloaf sandwiches to work with him. One was for Mike, and the other was for Jim. Most often than not, Jim would eat his sandwich for breakfast because he loved them so much. I knew that I must have this magic recipe and was thrilled when it arrived in my inbox, and even more stoked to read how easy it was. I have since made meatloaf for Jim dozens of times, and this foolproof recipe is the hands-down winner.

I am giving you my version of the original, which is simple and straightforward. Following, are my tips, tricks, and hacks for serving meatloaf your whole family will love.

Old Fashion Meatloaf

1 lb of ground meat (I alternate between turkey and 80/20 beef)

1 teaspoon sal