Pickled Red Onions and the Salad they Made Whole

I always think of my friend Dana who adores pickled red onions every time I eat them. We once discovered a cheater method for making them with a re-purposed jar of pickle juice after you consume all the spears. It totally works. Just cram your sliced red onion into the jar with the leftover pickle juice and bam, pickled red onions!

This recipe for pickled red onions is special because I slice up a whole fresh jalapeno (seeds and all) and dunk it into a 32-ounce mason jar along with vinegar, thinly sliced red onions, salt, and sugar. The spicy-sweet flavors are addicting. They are incredibly simple to make and keep in the refrigerator indefinitely. Having them in the fridge has inspired me to use them as a garnish on unsuspecting food, or eat them right out of the jar with my fingers.


2 large red onions, sliced</