Polynesian Salmon

We eat salmon every Monday night and I while I try to remake salmon "new" every week I keep going back to this winning combo of flavors. It is fast, easy and Jim and I both love the Polynesian flavors of honey, soy, and lime. There are no less than a hundred different ways to create this meal. Sometimes I add lime zest and coconut cream to the rice. I have even subbed maple syrup for the honey and love it just the same. Out of cilantro? No worries, the flavors still work. Try roasted and crushed macadamia nuts on top or mixed with your rice for added crunch.

Ingredients (for making two portions)

Salmon (I buy fresh Atlantic Salmon and ask for a center cut piece just under 1 lb. This gives me two nice portions that are of equal size compared to a tail piece which is hard to portion since one side is skinny and thin and the other side is wide and fat.)

1 cup white rice (Use brown rice or another grain altogether if you prefer. Try quinoa or farro.)

Kosher salt and black pepper

Olive oil (I like California Olive Ranch EVOO)

2 tablespoons of butter (I prefer Kerrygold unsalted but also buy HEB brand sweet cream salted.)