I was invited to do a cooking demo this weekend focused on fall appetizers. The audience was working moms {this is my jam} so I completely understand time constraints, grocery delivery and working with little kiddos at your feet. I carefully selected four recipes for their ability to either be made ahead and stored in the freezer or thrown together at the last minute. It was this Thanksgiving-themed popcorn that was almost gone before I could snag a picture. The original recipe comes from Food Network Magazine, but I've made tweaks that I feel simplify the entire process.

Thanksgiving-themed popcorn

What drew me to this popcorn recipe was that I can have all the ingredients on hand and whip it up from seemingly nowhere to feed a hungry crowd before dinner is ready. You may be thinking, popcorn as an appetizer? Once you taste these ingredients together, you will understand why it totally fits in this category.

The original recipe has us putting vegetable oil in a dutch oven and popping the kernels on the stove. I personally have a silicone air popper that goes in the microwave thanks to my sister in law, and I prefer making popcorn that way. Orville Redenbache