Pork Chops with Kale, Polenta and Anchovy Gravy

Do not let the words "kale" and "anchovy" turn you away from giving this dinner a shot. A bed of soft polenta made creamy with cheese, milk, or butter supports spicy kale and a mouthwatering seared pork chop. Spooning the umami rich anchovy gravy over top really does put this dinner high on our repeat list because the flavors really work well together.

I often ask Jim what meals he wants the following week when I am meal planning on the weekend. He usually always responds with "Beef Wellington" first, then I giggle and roll my eyes and when I ask him for the second time, "no really, what do you want this week?" he will say "pork chops." I have several tried and true pork chop recipes that I call upon but this one stands out as a favorite of mine. I think you will love it too.