Pork Medallions, Mushrooms and Polenta

We have never been a big mushroom loving family, but something beautiful happens when you saute mushrooms in butter and add Marsala wine. This same nutty and caramel mushroom sauce is what makes my Chicken Marsala a favorite in our house. I replicated the sauce we love with the pork tenderloin we love and introduce polenta rounds at the same time. Disaster or splendid combination?

First, I have to tell you how much I recommend this marinade for a pork tenderloin. A quick combination of olive oil, grainy Dijon mustard, lemon juice and any blend of fresh or dried herbs is a sure fire way to ensure your pork will be so tasty you only get one piece. True story, my family ate it all, and I just ate one medallion.

One pork tenderloin feeds my family of four - but keep in mind my kiddos are young. You may need to buy more to feed a large family or a family with teenagers! Adjust the amount of ingredients depending on how many tenderloins you are marinading, and know that this is not an exact science.