Ricotta Gnocchi

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

How can you not love gnocchi? I love making big batches of potato gnocchi and freezing them for a quick meal down the road. I finally was able to try a version of ricotta gnocchi and to be honest; I don't know how I could go back to the potato variety after seeing how easy and pillowy gnocchi can be.

Like bruschetta, gnocchi is an Italian food word that people have some trouble pronouncing. The "gno" makes a "nyo" sound with a silent "g." The "cch" sounds like a hard "k." The "i" is an "ee" sound as in "tree." "Nyo-kee." Gnocchi is the plural form of the word. The singular is "gnocco." So you might order a plate of gnocchi and savor each delicious gnocco on that plate. The smaller forms are called gnocchetti.

I have followed this Ricotta Gnocchi recipe twice and paired them in two different sauces, both are just phenomenal. Whatever you do, create a luscious broth and let the gnocchi shine!