Pressure Cooker: Spanish Chicken

Your pressure cooker or instant pot can make getting dinner on the table fast and easy. I have been experimenting with several recipes and find this version of Spanish Chicken to be delightfully easy and big on flavor thanks to a few powerful ingredients.

Pressure Cooker Meal in less than 30 minutes
Spanish Chicken

The concept is to use minimal, but carefully selected ingredients and rely on the pressure cooker to do its thing by extracting flavor while cooking. This recipe provides dinner for a crowd without breaking the bank and only calls for a few minutes of actual labor, which makes it an ideal candidate for a weeknight meal.

Because the chickpeas are already cooked, the meal really only needs to spend enough time under pressure to cook the chicken through. 15 Minutes should do the trick. After the timer beeps, you should find a thick, rich stew with tons of smoky flavor from the chorizo and fork-tender chicken.

Seasoning with salt is e