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Breaking Traditions

In this strange year where not everyone will get to spend the holidays with extended family, it may be more important than ever to make your own little family gathering special.

What would be special for your family? We're breaking tradition and making some new ones. Instead of a heavy sit down meal, we are opting for a fun buffet filled with charcuterie and finger foods that we all enjoy.

I am building a grocery list that consists of bite-sized cheeses, fruit, and other one-bite ready to serve foods. There will most definitely be chicken fingers. I rolled some Proscuitto Pinwheels for Jim, his absolute favorite, and they are in the freezer just waiting to be sliced and baked. I've already prepared enough candied pecans and walnuts to last us into the new year.

One tradition I plan on keeping is the annual Sleepin' In Breakfast Casserole I put together on Christmas Eve, and we bake on Christmas morning. I will wrap a wheel of brie in puff pastry and buy a crunchy loaf of bread. There is nothing like ooey-gooey-melty cheese and a fresh baguette.

Oh, who can forget the Begley Ham Ball? Yes, adding those ingredients to the shopping list too!

The kids and I will make Ninja Gingerbread cookies, and I will let them eat them for breakfast.

Bryce had a soft pretzel for the first time last week and won't stop talking about it. After successfully making my own loaf of bread last month, I feel confident about attempting homemade pretzels this week.

This will definitely look different from Christmas' my kids have had, but Jim and I will make it memorable in new ways.

The food items listed above will be updated with linked recipes shortly.

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