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What happened when I said "yes"

I am not talking about Jim popping the question. I was convicted recently when I saw the disappointment in my daughters eyes when I declined to play a game with her. I was tired, and I really wanted to be in a vegetative state in front of the TV. I invited her to crawl on my lap but she did not just want to be near me. She wanted me.

I decided that I would pause before giving automatic "no" answers to my kids. My goal was to try to embrace those little moments when I actually could go along with whatever it was they wanted from me.

When I started saying "yes" to the two most valuable gifts God gave me, we started created hilarious moments and sweet memories.

We went to iHop on a Saturday morning and ordered the funny face breakfast. We played the Pie in the Face game and laughed while whipped cream ran down or faces.

We ate take out food on top of my great grandmothers quilt instead of eating at the table. We watched the rain fall hard from the safety of our front porch, huddled together under blankets, wearing our pajamas and eating scrambled eggs.

We hid in the darkness of my closet from the make believe bear, with only a flashlight and a light saber. We sat in front of a window and colored a picture of Gru. Well, Harper colored the picture and instructed me to draw hearts in all the empty spaces.

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